Our experienced interior design team offers a creative and unique insight. Using CAD (Computer Aided Design), we will create a high-tech 3D model of your new interior. Studio 13 has a vast array of contacts with years of experience to help build your interior, and we can use our own furniture to help lower costs for you, by offering a full package deal. From the initial ideas to the design, to the construction, to the finishing touches, we will systematically build your dream interior. This also helps streamline the project, as we will manage your entire workforce to get the job done faster and more efficiently.

We can design your own project for your coffee shop, restaurant, lobby, bar, home, store, or hotel. Whatever the interior currently is, and what it will become, it is no problem. Whether it is for a new-build or for a refurbishment, we are the perfect choice for you. If you are interested, we would like to arrange a meeting to discuss what we can do for you.