Social Media

Social Media Marketing (SMM), is an online marketing method which uses different social media platforms to enable businesses or individuals to communicate with others and present their goals. Social media allows small and medium businesses to reach existing customers and acquire new ones. Marketing and social media supplement each other and if applied appropriately could lead to extraordinary success for the business.

If you want to engage with your customers and also find out what their opinion is about your product or service and how they perceive your brand, Social Media is the ideal way to achieve this and also create a network with thousands of people. Using social media marketing can help with achieving a number of goals, such as:

  • Growing website traffic
  • Increasing Conversions
  • Brand Awareness
  • Building your brand identity and networking
  • Creating good communication and relationship with targeted audience

Using social media as a way of advertising has increased in recent years. Our team at ‘Studio 13’ can set up and manage your Social Media Paid Advertising. When using paid advertising our team will create and optimise your advert in order to reach a specific target audience. We can achieve this by dividing your audience into different segments such as: Age, Demographics, Interests, Gender etc.