PC Servicing and Repairs

Repair your Laptop/PC

It’s heart-breaking when your Laptop/PC ceases to work. Our specialist team will diagnose the problem, attempt to fix it, and if we can’t, we will not charge you a penny!

Keyboard Replacement

Finding your keys aren’t working? Missing a few keys? Spilt a drink over your keyboard? Just one of these problems is a good reason to get a new keyboard today!

Screen Replacement

A broken screen is a deal-breaker for your laptop. We can repair or replace your broken screen. Whether it’s smashed, decoloured, or flickering, we are you’re go-to team.

Cleaning Laptops/Notebooks/PCs

Is your Laptop/PC hot? Overheating? Noisy? Keeping your PC/Laptop clean is basic maintenance that should be carried out. We will disassemble your device, remove the dust & hair build up, and reassemble it. This will extend its lifespan, improve cooling & performance, and reduce noise.

Changing/Transferring HDD to SSD

Losing a Hard drive can be upsetting. It may be possible to recover the data on your broken hard drive. Our team may be able to either repair or transfer your data.

Upgrade your HDD to a high performance SSD today. We will migrate your Data- including the Operating System, so that you don’t lose anything!

More RAM

Replace your old RAM, or install more RAM for better performance today.

New/Repair Windows OS

If you buy a new Laptop/PC without your desired Operating System, or if it doesn’t have one, we can install a brand new Operating System- complete with a legitimate Product ID.

Blue Screen of Death

It may be possible to repair your Laptop/PC when you find yourself with the infamous Blue Screen of Death. Our professional team will repair the Operating System, fixing the Blue Screen or, failing that, re-install your Operating System to give you back your functioning Laptop/PC with its data intact.