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Rosebud Makeup and Beauty

Becky founded Rosebud Makeup in 2014 to help bring high quality makeup and beauty services to the people of Worthing. Her friendly, happy and enthusiastic streak gave personalised and professional service to all her clients, whether it’s makeup for special events like wedding days, or having a relaxing massage, she takes pride in all the treatments she provides.

Rotary Worthing

Rotary are very pleased to be associated with Studio 13 who have produced these flyers for us as well as helping to design and produce roadside banners. Well done.

Transition Town Worthing - Flyers and Banners

Transition Towns are a new approach to community-level sustainability and are based on the ethos that we need to plan for a future that includes economic uncertainty, climate change and the end of cheap fossil fuels. We need to work together to address these issues at a local level.